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These twin doctors are on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis

Drs. Elana McDonald and Delana Wardlaw talk about why African Americans are disproportionately affected by the virus.


Growing up in North Philadelphia, the Twin Sister Docs witnessed a massive gap between their community and its health care professionals. Boasting a largely African- American and Latin X population, the community’s needs were largely neglected by medical establishments made up primarily of non-African American doctors with no ties to the neighborhoods in which they practiced. This neglect not only produced skepticism; it also drove a wedge between the community and the medical services they desperately needed. The Twin Sister Docs, recognizing they have a unique role to play – now seek to bridge that gap, restore trust in health care professionals and transform these multicultural communities through reliable health care.


The Twins have worked with the likes of Pfizer, Temple Health, and the Biden Campaign to help bring awareness of marquee messages, products, and services to urban communities.  


We empower others to be advocates for their own health.

Our parents taught us that we could be anything – and we’re passionate about helping today’s black and brown children believe they can be, too.

We are proof that you are never defined by your obstacles. We encourage the next generation to pick up where we left off, continue the fight and carry on the journey. 


Drs. Delana Wardlaw and Elana McDonald are identical twins with a shared mission: to reduce health care disparities and provide reliable, trustworthy medical care to those who need it most. As physicians with successful medical practices, they passionately believe in the power of health care to improve quality of life. As African American women from North Philadelphia, they’ve also seen first-hand the detrimental effects due to lack of access to quality care and overall mistrust of Medical establishments often cause delay in seeking adequate Healthcare.