Trusted Messengers providing accurate culturally sensitive information which translates to action as patients become advocates in their healthcare, leading to transformational outcomes increasing the overall quality of life.

Special Report

The COVID-19 Treatment:

Debunking Myths & Maximizing Participation

The Twin Sister Doctors have released a special report offering insightful strategies to combat COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy, particularly in Black communities. In the report, “The COVID-19 Treatment: Debunking Myths & Maximizing Participation,” the Twin Sister Doctors urge federal, state and local governments to partner with community-based civic and social organizations to dispel years of distrust within the Black community about vaccines. The report focuses on “building trust and transparency through partnerships” to debunk these myths. 

trusted messengers

As doctors who grew up in the community in which they now practice – and who understand the experiences of the patients they serve – the sisters work to restore trust in physicians and to provide clear, reliable and accurate medical information.

translates into action

The Twin Sister Docs understand that if patients don’t consider the messengers to be trustworthy, they won’t listen to their messages. By proving themselves as trusted messengers with reliable medical information, they empower patients to take charge of their own health.

transform communities

Ultimately, the Twin Sister Docs seek to improve quality of life and transform multicultural communities – who have been neglected for far too long – through reliable medical solutions.


“If people don’t trust the messenger, they will never hear the message or get the care they need.”